What do you do when you get the call from your wife that “Dinner’s going to be late… Can you take the long way home…?”

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ April 23, 2013/ BMW R1200RT, General Rants & Raves About Riding/ 0 comments

(Inside my head…) “Ha ha ha ha…”

(Spoken out loud…) “Sure honey, I know you’ve had a long day.  It’s no problem that dinner won’t be ready.  I’ll just take a little longer way home…”

What world am I living in you might ask…?  My world, thank you very much!

If I were confined to my cage on a rainy day, I may not have been quite as understanding.  However, today I was on my BMW 1200RT, it was 74 degrees, and a gentle breeze was blowing… the family was lucky that I made it home today at all…

The Road Awaits...

The Road Awaits… and dinner isn’t ready… Aww…. shucks…  I guess I’ll just ride a little longer!

Still some daylight left, that means there's still some fuel to burn...

Still some daylight left, that means there’s still some fuel to burn…

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