Weather Reports And Their Impact On My Riding

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To Ride, OR… Not To Ride…?

This is what the weather forecast for today looked like this morning…

Weather Sunday March 10 2013



Here is a photo taken by my oldest son as he was following me one morning… Days like these are few and too far between.

All week, I have been looking forward to riding this weekend as the previous three weekends have been full of work, travel for work, or really bad weather.  If I didn’t know any better, (trust me I do!) I would think that there is some grand conspiracy in the heavens against my riding on my day(s) off.  It has become almost comical how beautiful the weather during the work week is, and as the weekend approaches, the forecast looks more and more grim.  I have enjoyed day after day of 65-70 degree weather with nary a cloud in the sky, from inside my place of business.  I sneak outside for a few moments of self flagellation during the day as I lament not being on the road, only to be further tortured by the impending  misery of 70-100% rain days for the one day that might yield time for the road that week.

Far too many times I have been faked out by erroneous forecasts that predict cataclysmic weather events on the only day of opportunity for me to ride that week.  Based on these forecasts, I often make alternate plans, and once those plans are in place, the folly of the weatherman’s prognostications are revealed…

As I reviewed the forecast this morning, I gambled on the fact that the weather forecasts are usually wrong when I need them to be right…  What would my chances be today?

Windy was the word of the day today.  I rode to church early this morning and since the Huey P. Long bridge was closed today due to construction, I rode across the now toll-free GNO Bridge to the west bank.  I must admit that during our service this morning, I was frequently peering out through the windows and with each successive glance, I saw the clouds building and the sky growing more gloomy.


This is not a screen shot from today as I forgot to take a photo this afternoon, but this is what the weather map looks like.

It was 12:30pm before I mounted my steed of steel ( and plastic I suppose) to hit the open road and there was just enough patches of bluish sky to encourage me to ride as planned.  I figured I would try to dodge the showers by using the weather satellite on my Garmin.  This plan seemed fool proof, however, I must be a better fool than what Garmin used to test their satellite weather mapping software.  All was good along river road heading west until I hit Ama Louisiana and light sprinkles turned into steady showers. I looked for a covered place to stop and put on my rain gear, but one did not appear for another 7 miles in Luling just past the Hale Boggs bridge.  A Shell station with a nice big awning provided the needed refuge from the passing showers.  I studied the Garmin weather satellite more closely and then compared the results to the live radar on my iPhone using the Weather Channel App.  Both showed that the line of storms were moving east and I was heading west.  I made the call to push on sans rain gear.

That turned out to be the best call as I did not see another drop of rain for the rest of the afternoon!  I was soaked through my mesh jacket, but after 20 miles or so, I was as dry as I was when I left this morning.  My route today took me past numerous antebellum homes including Home Place, Laura Plantation, St. Joseph’s Plantation, and Oak Alley Plantation on the west bank of the Mississippi River.  I crossed over the Sunshine bridge in Donaldsonville and headed back to river road on the east bank.  Some of the many sights on this stretch of road include the Manresa House (now a convent), San Francisco Plantation (where the Frisco Fest was in full swing), Ormond Plantation Home, Destrehan Plantation and La Branche Plantation.

All in all, I had a fantastic afternoon on the road… And its a good thing too, because here is the weather forecast for tomorrow…

Weather March 11 2013


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