The New Touratech Catalogue Arrived Today

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ March 27, 2013/ Gear, General Rants & Raves About Riding/ 1 comments

Today began like many other days in the lead up to the excitement of the holiday season…  There was a crisp clear sky, temperatures in the high 40’s, a fire crackling in the hearth, and the expectation of a great day with my family ahead.  To further my confusion (delusion may be a better choice of words), waiting for me in my mailbox was my very own “Christmas Wish Book.”  Remember those…?  As a child, I would spend hours pouring through the pages of that Sears catalogue, diligently making my Christmas list for Santa, imagining what wonders lie in the pages that I had not yet read, and envisioning myself surrounded by the items on my list on Christmas morning.

The catalogue has a different name, it is March 27th, and I am forty-something… But I will enjoy reliving the rest of the experience anyway…

A Motorcyclists' "Christmas Wish Book"

A Motorcyclists’ “Christmas Wish Book”

P.S. It will be 75 degrees this weekend…



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