Sunday Ride to New Roads, LA – Part 2

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Date: April 27th, 2014

Departure Time: 1:35am

Temperature at Departure: 83 degrees

Daily High: 89 degrees

Destination: New Roads, LA to Tunica Hills State Wildlife Management Area to New Orleans, LA

New Roads RouteLunch was over, and the call of the road could no longer be ignored.  It appeared that most of the group was going to make their way back home following a similar route to the one that we had taken that morning.  Matt and I decided to ride a little further north and explore the great state of Louisiana a bit more before heading back home.

Matt recalled that there was an “old tree” that is rumored to be the oldest tree in the state of Louisiana that was not too much further north than where we already were.  The only catch was that we would have to take a dirt road to get there…  The BMW R1200RT is a magnificent bike that is perfectly tailored to just about any stretch of asphalt that exists; dirt, gravel, and sand… not so much!  Matt had stated that he had been out that way a while back and that it was “really packed dirt” and was “fairly manageable.”  I figured what the heck, if it gets too bad, we/I can always turn back and head back to the safety of the pavement.  So, off we rode.

Our search for this tree came up empty, however we did discover a very interesting route that took us through a part of the Tunica Hills State Wildlife Management Area.  This road, at times, narrows to one lane and is marked with ruts, potholes, and otherwise poorly maintained paving, but it also has a shaded canopy from the tall trees that creates a very beautiful path to ride.  

Tunica Hills State Wildlife Management Area

Tunica Hills State Wildlife Management Area

Our loop about the Tunica Hills area eventually brought us back to river road.  This stretch of river road is rather plain and not much to write home about, lacking in the character and personality that can be taken for granted on the westbank side south of Baton Rouge to Avondale.  We crossed the MSRB in Baton Rouge and exited on Highland Road eventually leading up to the LSU campus.

Once through the campus, we made a quick stop for fuel and determined that the best path home due to the time was to hop on I-10 and call it a day.  Traffic on the super slab moved at a brisk pace until the elevated spans crossing the spillway leading to the 310 split.  I made a brief stop at the office and then made my way back home ending a magnificent day of riding that included meeting a few new BMW riders that I hope to see again soon.

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