Sunday Ride to New Roads, LA – Part 1

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Date: April 27th, 2014

Departure Time: 7:45am

Temperature at Departure: 72 degrees

Daily High: 89 degrees

Destination: New Roads, LA

New Roads Route

Route Map

For the first time this riding season, I was able to take a day-long ride on my beloved BMW R1200RT.  I had hoped that Gina would be able to enjoy the ride with me as well, but as the details of the day emerged, we were simply unable to arrange for proper supervision of the kids for her to join us for the ride.

Matt and I headed for our rendezvous with the rest of the Gulf South BMWMOA in Tickfaw, LA at 7:45am.  After a some light sprinkles of rain in the first few miles of our trek, the rest of the day was met with overcast to partly sunny skies and pleasant temperatures.  The miles between home and Hoppin’ Harleys, our rallying point, went by rather quickly as we rode with intent to arrive at 9:00am.

We were not the first or last to arrive at the rallying point, and after a few pleasant introductions, we were on our way promptly at 9:30am.  Our ultimate destination as a group was a restaurant in New Roads called “Satterfield’s Steak and Seafood” located right on the water.

I ordered a shrimp and oyster plate which was quite good, but a little on the pricey side for “road fare” when compared to one of our typical lunch joints like “crabby’s” in Madisonville.  The company was equally enjoyable, but before long, the call of the road was stronger than what we could resist…  so we yielded to the temptation of the open road…

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