Ozark’s to York PA 2016 Day 9

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Departure Location: Hagerstown, MD

Time: 0900

Weather Conditions: Cloudy with the threat of rain (yet we remained undeterred!)

Daily High Temperature: 84

Destination: York, PA via Washington, DC

Daily Miles Logged: 205 (including 2 Uber rides)

State Visited: Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia

Day two of our “off the plan” plan started with a quick hotel breakfast, a discussion of the days activities and then we were off.  We decided to take a brief jaunt south to D.C. to take in a few sights and grab lunch before we made our way north to what has been our ultimate destination of York, PA.



Mostly walking with a little ubering too.


Traffic was heavy getting into D.C. and we found our way to Arlington Cemetery.  I was unprepared for the magnitude of the sights that we encountered and the shear numbers of brave warriors who are buried there that gave their lives in service to our great nation.

John Kennedy’s Tomb

All of the headstones are aligned so that they look like the troops on the battlefield in formation

We decided to take the bus tour and got off to view the Kennedy Memorial, the tomb of the unknown soldier with the changing of the guards, Robert E. Lee’s Arlington House, and a glimpse of the Iwa Jima monument.

Jon doing what we both enjoy doing, going cool places and taking photos when we get there

Selfies suck, but they are better than nothing

Wow, look at that crowd… not

After touring Arlington for a few hours, we wanted to get a little closer to the Lincoln Memorial and then walk around the area a bit.  There was a protest happening on the National Mall across from the Lincoln Memorial which had a very small attendance for the celebration of “atheists day”  hahahahhaahahhaahahahaha…

This was a very tender and emotional moment that I got pulled into. We had the honor of watching this lovely couple find their loved one’s name on the wall for the first time. Both were in tears and I was too…

We moved on to the Korean War wall and then the Washington Monument on our way to visit what will likely become Donald Trump’s new home in a few months.  After walking for what seemed like an eternity in my motorcycle boots, we called an Uber ride back to our bikes and started our trek north towards York, PA.

Traffic was heavy getting out of D.C. and we had 5 GPS devices going and only 2 or 3 of the 5 would agree at any given time which is how we planned our escape.  On the way out, we got tangled up with two Harley “riders” that seemed to be in a great big hurry.  One was smoking a stogie and spitting every few feet of the stop and go traffic pattern that we were in.  He would meander form side to side in the lane and not ride in a straight line for anything.  Once the traffic started moving, he hocked a huge luggie that I suspect I rode through and perhaps got some on my face shield.

When we arrived at our hotel, we discovered that there is some sort of hot rod festival going on here in York this weekend that has all sorts of interesting cars parked outside of our hotel. One more day tomorrow of the revised plan and we will be back on track and begin our route home. It’s hard to believe that our adventure is more than half way through…



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