Ozark’s to York PA 2016 Day 7

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Departure Location: Mountain Home, AR

Time: 0700

Weather Conditions: 68 and drizzlng

Daily High Temperature: 89

Destination: Nashville, TN (was originally Sikeston, MO)

Arrival Time: 1725

Daily Miles Logged: 442

State Visited: Arkansas, Missouri, Tennesee

Today was all about getting out of the way of the bad weather that has been pushing us around all week. Last night, the call was made to abandon our planned route exploring the northeastern motorcycle roads of Arkansas and setting us up for our run into Nashville on Friday evening.  So, we are now in Nashville, TN and will bust it tomorrow to York, PA.



We said goodbye to Mark as he was going to visit a friend in St. Louis that had recently lost their son and then traveling home to Orlando to be back to a work commitment on Monday morning.  The rest of us were suited up and prepared for rain as we rolled off nearly on time.


What’s in a name…?

It took nearly 200 miles to find the interstate to ride in to Nashville from Mountain Home, but they were some fast moving US highways and County Roads. The biggest drawback to these types of roads are also one of their highlights in that those roads take you through the center of each little town on your way through.  We saw numerous little towns with populations between 200-8000 folks.  Some had now traffic signals and only a stop sign or two.

Sometimes, you just have to air the funk out…

At the Loveless cafe… with only one of my loves!

Once we found I40, we started looking for a lunch spot and Jon had a great place in mind… Loveless Cafe just off the Natchez Trace Parkway.  We enjoyed some good country cooking and before long, we headed over to ride the northernmost 30 miles of the trace.  I love the trace with its gentle undulating curves and long sweepers, but after what we have been riding the past week, it seemed somewhat boring and we lost interest in it quickly.

We found a little cut through (accidentally because our GPS units have been giving us unreliable directions these past few days) to Leipers Fork which was a gradually narrowing roadway with two one lane bridges though what seemed like a bunch of ranches and farms. This route led us to back to Franklin and ultimately to our hotel in Downtown Nashville.  (Hampton Inn near Vanderbilt)

We met Jon’s daughter Jaime for dinner and she was so sweet and gracious to bring us to a few interesting places including a local dive that specializes in fried chicken. (I have had more fried chicken this week than I normally eat in a year…!)  Matt ordered the second most spicy version of their chicken called “Damn Hot” instead of the hottest called “Shut The Cluck Up.” He said that he felt like he had met his match on how hot is hot!

Tomorrow, we bust hump to York, PA which will be roughly 760 miles…



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