Ozark’s to York PA 2016 Day 12

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Departure Location: Stauton, VA

Time: 0730

Weather Conditions:67 and clear

Daily High Temperature: 87

Destination: Boone, NC

Daily Miles Logged: 322

Arrival Time 1830

States Visited: Virginia, North Carolina

Today was our first day on the Blue Ridge Parkway as we are making our way home.  My day started as the sun was coming up with a good wipe down of the RT to remove the road funk from Skyline Drive.  We actually departed right on schedule this morning, and after a quick fuel stop on our way out, we were on the parkway.


The weather was cool and the sky was clear as we made our way through the beautiful road that twisted from left to right with the occasional barn or farm house thrown in for good measure.  Our pace was towards the aggressive side of the parkway because there was simply very little traffic on the road today. The pace of the parkway can be a little tiring at times due to the constant gentle undulation of the roadway.

Just one of many breathtaking views along the parkway

I suppose I am the short knob, lol…

Lunch was an impromptu visit to the town of “Meadows of Dan” in Virginia.  This little town had but one restaurant, and it lived up to its name of good country cooking.  It was a renovated gas station that now serves as the local gather spot for the folks in the area with the occasional traveller thrown in for fun.

This was a toy store that I wanted to go in to, but they are closed on Monday and Tuesday…

After lunch, we paid a quick visit to the Mabry Mill.  This was a multi purposed mill that could be used as a lumber mill, grist mill, as well as a host of other tools that these industrious folks found a way to connect to the spinning water wheel.  While our tour was brief, it was a lot of fun.

The doorways were just the right size so as to reduce the size of the opening to retain heat during the winter months.

Matt and Randall looking at the inner workings of the mill


This was a great little viewing station that you can climb to the second floor and gain a terrific view of the surrounding valley.


Tomorrow we will wrap up an abbreviated closing route to our trip and set our sights towards home on Thursday.  Jon has an obligation back in Nashville that will have him headed west midday while Randall, Matt and I will finish out the day in Sweetwater, TN.


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