Ozark’s to York PA 2016 Day 11

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Departure Location: York, Pa

Time: 0845

Weather Conditions:68 and clear

Daily High Temperature: 89

Destination:  Staunton, VA

Arrival Time: 1925

Daily Miles Logged:259

States Visited: Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia

 Our morning began with a short ride from our hotel to the Harley Davidson Assembly Plant in York, PA.  Not being a real Harley fanatic, what I gather is that there is somewhat of a love-hate relationship with this plant due to the fact that it was part of the loathed AMF acquisition back in the 1970’s. The part of the factory that we visited today is more appreciated by the HD enthusiast due to the fact that it has undergone a massive expansion and updating since HD was acquired by its new ownership.

My beautiful BMW parked out front of the HD plant… I think all of the HD riders were just a little bit jealous!

As no photos were allowed inside the plant, these photos from outside will have to suffice.  I was impressed by the scope and level of sophistication of the plant and how modern it is from the moment you walk into the assembly area. I was reminded at times of the commitment to continuous improvement that we see at the Steinway factory in Queens with motivational signs and accountability charts for everyone to see.

Robots and CNC machinery were plentiful, and the more of them that are added, the fewer employees the factory needs in order to continue what they refer to as “lean production.” This is more of an assembly plant as parts come in from several other plants across the U.S. to be assembled in York. We did see the frames, tanks, and fenders being manufactured for some of the more popular models.

We had a quick lunch at a local BBQ hole called Mission BBQ.  I had the brisket and it was fantastic.  We were quickly on our way south towards Front Royal, VA and to what is called Skyline Drive. There we were treated to a beautiful ride along some of the most picturesque scenery we’ve encountered thus far on this trip.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful bike…

With 85 scenic overlooks on the Skyline, we had to choose our stops as carefully as possible.  Jon selected the following five: Range View Overlook, Hogback Overlook, Spitler Knoll Overlook, Big Run Overlook, and Crimora Lake Overlook.  The posted speed limit is 35 mph, and I suppose I can understand why with the wildlife and folks that simply stop in the middle of the roadway to try to take photos.  We carefully travelled the Skyline at a slightly more brisk pace and really enjoyed all that it had to offer.

Matt taking a few photos from his “birds-eye” view

Tonight, basecamp is located in Staunton, VA at the Hampton Inn. Dinner was at Applebees ( ye ha!) so that we can prepare for an early departure tomorrow morning…



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