Northwest Adventure 2014… Day 9

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Departure Location:Yellowstone National Park


Weather Conditions: 54 and sunny

Daily High Temperature:91

Destination:Cody Wyoming

Arrival Time: 1945

Daily Miles Logged: 224

Today was tailor made for motorcycle riding… no two ways about it!  The weather was crisp and clear and warmed up as the sun came out to reveal the majesty of God’s creative handiwork. My cabin was quite comfortable, despite the lack of a/c and having to traverse a pocked marked gravely road to get to it.  It made me a bit homesick for Gina and the kids because of our many stays in cabin in the Smokey Mountains.  I opted out of breakfast to gain an extra 45 minutes of sleep and prep time… thank you cliff bars!

20140704-233711-85031290.jpg 20140704-233712-85032216.jpg 20140704-233713-85033283.jpg 20140704-233710-85030344.jpg


Our day consisted of amazing riding through some of the most picturesque scenery, stopping off to see the geysers, waterfalls, and wildlife, and amazing roadways to pilot our steel horses along.  I simply can’t help but think of how amazing the original settlers were to have conquer and tamed this area of our country.  It is at the same time incredibly beautiful, and horrifically inhospitable.


20140704-233753-85073536.jpg 20140704-233755-85075343.jpg 20140704-233752-85072675.jpg 20140704-233932-85172234.jpg 20140704-233756-85076758.jpg 20140704-233757-85077739.jpg 20140704-233751-85071285.jpg20140704-233930-85170525.jpg20140704-233754-85074378.jpg 20140704-233715-85035267.jpg

The ride into the park was free flowing from a traffic perspective despite the holiday weekend.  That would not remain the case later in the afternoon.  We were quickly off to one of our first stops, the West Thumb, which had a magnificent walking trail for getting up close and personal with the geysers.


Matt and Trent taking a short siesta… Cool=Damp=Wet=?

20140705-000515-315652.jpg20140705-000514-314787.jpg20140705-000516-316535.jpg20140705-000517-317448.jpgWe managed to make almost the entire loop around the Yellowstone Park with the exception of one small area that would have required us to double back and delay our arrival in Cody this evening.  I am certain that we have experienced the Park in a manner that provides us with a taste of all that the park has to offer.

Speaking of tastes… Lunch was in the small settlement at the northwest corner of the Grand Loop Roadway at a nice looking place called the Terrace Grill.  The menu looked like your typical “grill joint” menu, however they had a black bean burger that caught my attention.  I inquired with the order taker as to how the patty would be prepared since their sign said that each order could take from 6-10 minutes because it was being prepared fresh.  I asked if it would be grilled or fried?  She replied that it would be microwaved….  hahahaha…. Now thats fresh!  It actually wasn’t that bad, and as the rest of the gang went to the top of the road to spy out another geyser, I did a little gift shopping for my kids.


20140705-000128-88322.jpg 20140705-000127-87337.jpg

Back on the road, we finished up the grand loop roadway and saw a few elk, bison, ducks, and such, but not in the quantity that we had hoped we would see.  The last remaining highlight of the route was to visit the grand canyon of yellowstone!  This was quite a sight to behold and was well worth the time and effort needed to get to it for the obligatory photos.  There is also a lovely waterfall that has carved the canyon that is spectacular.  Annette remarked how similar it was to the Grand Canyon which made me feel a little better about having missed it on our way out west last week.

Our exit path was on Hwy 14 which is also known as East Entrance Road and North Fork Road.  This roadway was as spectacular as the rest of the park and made for an enjoyable route into Cody.  We were too late for the Rodeo, however, there were fireworks to celebrate Independence day!    

Funny story… We asked the hotel desk clerk for a hotel recommendation and what was good to eat near the hotel. She replied, “honey, you’re in need country. If you’re looking for something vegetarian, you’d better get your a$$ on back to Oregon.” I just about died laughing…

Tomorrow we ride the most technical stretch of roadway of the trip called Bear Tooth Pass.  I am a little nervous, but have decided to ride in the sweep position (rear of the pack) to let the other riders travel at their own pace and to allow me to do the same.  Tommorrow, we will also say goodbye to Trent as he heads south to San Antonio on personal business.  His ever encouraging words, humor, and patience will be missed for the rest of our trip!


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