Northwest Adventure 2014… Day 8

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Departure Location: Pocatella, Idaho


Weather Conditions:64

Daily High Temperature: 102

Destination: Yellowstone park, Montana

Daily Miles Logged: 301

The day has slipped by so quickly and I am just now finding a moment to write… However, this post will not be seen for at least a few days as we are in the middle of the Yellowstone National park with absolutely no contact with the outside world. That’s no cell phone, no internet, no 3G, no LTE… Nada, zilch, zip, and maybe that’s a good thing for the time being.

Our day began as it has the past several days… Hotel breakfast, fuel, then on the road towards our next destination. Today that included Jackson Hole Wyoming, a ride through the Grand Tetons, a quick visit up to Old Faithful, and then to our cabins here at the Headwaters Lodge in Flaggg Ranch.

The visit to Jackson hole included a brief stop at the Harley Dealership where the HD riders purchased their location branded items a whilst the BMW riders imagine what it would be like to have a “BMW of New Orleans” anything… Coffee mug, shirt, sweatshirt… How about a pen? Nope…

We took a brief stroll along the main thoroughfare and settled on a joint right across from the town square. The food was average, the waiter was from Poland and tried very hard to be personable. Oddly enough, one of the big screen TVs was playing the saints Super Bowl game right across the room from us. This provided conversation fodder and playful banter amongst the group as we dined.

After lunch, our agenda was to ride through the Grand Tetons, which we did, however our planned route was cut short due to a sudden drop in temps, lightning and a steady rain. So we pushed on to Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

The weather cleared nicely by our arrival and within a few moments we were treated to a fine display of a geyser with the “bumble bee” as we waited for the Old Guy to do his thing… Perhaps our expectations were too high, but old faithful seemed to be having old man issues… He was however on time.

Our ride to the lodge included a brief stop for photos at another beautiful waterfall, and a quick photo at one of the crossings of the Continental Devide. The lodge is about as close to camping as I really ever want to get. There is no air conditioning in the cabin, but I was able to secure a fan.. (Yippee!!!). And the parking lot is an accident waiting to happen for a stump like me riding a bike that is too tall for that sort of slow speed maneuvering in gravel.

Tomorrow, we complete our tour of Yellowstone, and then push on towards Cody WY. Our hope is to make it in time to catch the Rodeo!!!

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