Northwest Adventure 2014… Day 7

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Departure Location: Baker City, Oregon

Departure Time: 7:50

Weather Conditions: clear and 67

Daily High Temperature: 104

Destination: Pocatello, Idaho

Arrival Time: 20:40

Daily Miles Logged: 489.2

I chose to begin my day differently than I have this past week and sleep a little later and skip breakfast at the hotel and simply eat a cliff bar thus providing me a few precious additional moments of rest.  Our primary destination for the day was Pocatello, Idaho setting us up for a quick visit to Jackson hole, WY and on into Yellowstone Park… However, on the way there we made the time to pay a quick visit to the world famous Hells Canyon.


Todays Route

We were already very close from the hotel, and within a few minutes we were winding our way towards the actual canyon run along the Snake River.  The other riders moved through the canyon run at their own pace, and I was happy to run it at mine.  There is a very specific skill set required to make these runs with the level of precision that the other riders are making, and admitedly, I do not have them refined to their level.  The varying grades of elevation, combined with blind corners, loose gravel in some of the roadways, and along with the lack of familiarity of the roads makes me approach them in a conservative fashion that has allowed me to hone my skills over the past week.  (there was one particular passage that created issues for even the most skilled rider in our group…)

At the end of our canyon run, we stopped for the obligatory photo ops and then u-turned and made our way back towards HWY 71 on our way in to Cambridge for Lunch and Fuel.    Our lunch choices were somewhat limited, but we had an enjoyable meal nonetheless.  Nothing special to write home about…

20140702-235046-85846547.jpg 20140702-235059-85859856.jpg 20140702-235100-85860722.jpg 20140702-235044-85844046.jpg 20140702-235043-85843199.jpg 20140702-235042-85842300.jpg 20140702-234825-85705505.jpg

We were 40 or so miles from I-84, the last leg of the day, with nearly 350 miles remaining to the hotel.  The most notable things about the afternoons ride was the smell of what could only be manure accompanying the grand views of the mountains on the horizon of the valley, hundreds of miles of potato fields, a UPS truck with three trailers undulating in the very off-putting high velocity cross winds, the smell of sweet onions, and a brief bout with a flock of tumbleweeds rolling across the interstate.

At one of our fuel stops, we met a nice enough fellow named Richard and his wife Barb that were traveling in their unairconditioned RV.  Richard was a big fan of the BMW bikes and even commented on how the Harleys made great bumpers and road blocks to protect the real bikes… (Is it opposite day…?)  I also asked him if he rode a Honda…

Notice his shirt... Thats Barb in the back!

Notice his shirt… Thats Barb in the back!

Random Photo of the Day...

Random Photo of the Day…

Dinner was at a small Italian restaurant called Cafe Tuscano.  The service was friendly and the meal was quite tasty.  The conversation was centered about the route planning for tomorrow and then enjoying good-humored ribbing on each other about various things such as pancakes, I dream of Jeannie, and proper sandwich construction techniques…

20140702-235102-85862349.jpg 20140702-235104-85864555.jpg 20140702-235104-85864085.jpg

Tomorrow will be a shorter milage day to allow for some sightseeing time at Yellowstone and Jackson hole.


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