Northwest Adventure 2014… Day 6

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Departure Location: Grants Pass, Oregon.

Time: 7:44

Weather Conditions: clear and 65 degrees

Daily High Temperature: 104

Destination: Baker City, OR

Arrived at 20:23

Daily Miles Logged: 561

States Covered: Oregon, Washington


Our departure today was relatively uneventful as our group congregated in a purposeful manner after a quick breakfast at the hotel.  This particular Best Western gets two thumbs down from this weary traveller as I was greeted by unwelcome guests in my bed as I tried to turn in for the evening…  Gnats, bedbugs, mosquitos… whatever you were… Back to hell with you!

The goal today was to get as many miles behind us as possible while still taking in a few scenic roadways through the central coasts of Washington and Oregon.  Our brisk pace was rewarded with a flawless trip up I-5 through Roseburg, Sutherlin, Eugene, Salem and ultimately in to Portland.  Here we crossed into Washington State and quickly found our way onto the SE Columbia Way and into the Lewis and Clark Trail Hwy.   I must make it a point to research this stretch of asphalt for a possible return visit.

Visitors Center

Visitors Center

Our first stop was at the visitor center that overlooks much of the park and we were treated to high gusty winds and spectacular views of the Columbia river valley and the ride ahead.  Our next stop was to see a small waterfall that I believe was called the horsetail falls.  After our obligatory photo opportunities, we quickly made our way to the Bridal Veil Falls.  In order to properly take in the beauty that this waterfall has to offer, we were required to trek 2/3’s of a mile through a roughly cleared trail with at least the equivalent of 30-40 flights of stairs to get to the prime viewing spot. It was well worth our effort and before long, we were looking for fuel for the bikes and for us.

20140701-215009-78609521.jpg 20140701-215008-78608616.jpg 20140701-215007-78607730.jpg 20140701-215009-78609910.jpg

As we made our way through the park, we rode through the Dalton Point, Benson, Ainworth, Mcloughlin,and John B Yeon State Parks.

We found our lunch at the Char Burger Family Diner located next to the “Bridge of the Gods” on the Columbia River.  The views were terrific as were the burgers.  I ordered “The Westerner” which was a juicy patty with lettuce, tomato, thin crispy onion rings and cheese with barbecue sauce.  I left half as it was too large for me to eat and then get on the bike in the heat that was waiting for us in the second leg of our daily ride.

20140701-215108-78668926.jpg 20140701-215111-78671582.jpg

The remaining ride for the day was primarily on I84/Historic Hwy30 leading us towards Idaho.  We were greeted with the smell of sweet onions as we rode near Walla Walla as well as some spectacular views of snow capped mountains on the horizon as we endured the blistering 100+ heat of the afternoon.

20140701-215110-78670661.jpg 20140701-215109-78669810.jpg 20140701-215006-78606873.jpg

Our Route Thus Far

Our Route Thus Far

Dinner was at another hotel connected establishment, however this one was quite a bit better than last night.  I ordered another Reuban sandwich and it did not disappoint in any way.  Our fellowship was lighthearted and we discussed a few days that lay ahead and how we should ensure our timely arrival for the one hotel that we made advanced reservations for in Yellowstone.  I am truly enjoying the company of our group and getting to know each member each day.  Jon is a hoot and loves to laugh and joke as much as I do and every so often he has me in the deepest of belly laughs that I find myself getting lightheaded from laughing so hard.

Tommorow we spend the day riding through Idaho and setting up our approach for Montana.  Yippy Kai Ay…


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