Northwest Adventure 2014… Day 4

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Departure Location: Oakland,Ca

Departure odometer: 20827

Time: 12:00

Weather Conditions:sunny and 82

Daily High Temperature:89

Destination: Fort Bragg, CA

Daily Miles Logged:209

After our very late arrival from Saturdays epic journey, the group consensus was to depart the hotel at noon. I set my alarm for 9:30am and was up about an hour before because of the sunshine peering into my windows. (Note to self: close the heavy curtains next time trying to sleep after sunrise.)

Breakfast was arranged through Elizabeth’s VIP hook up status at the hilton as was a couple of waters when we checked in! I had to track down a new go pro mount to replace the one that broke on me Saturday as I was removing it in the parking lot of Denny’s the night before. This didn’t seem to impose on the group too much as the target was less than a mile away from the hotel and essentially on our way out for the day. After target, we made a quick stop to retrieve Elizabeths still non functioning phone from the sprint store that was unable to resolve her phones problem.

We were soon on our way to enjoy a not so quick ride through downtown San Francisco on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge due to the “gay pride” parade. We saw quite a few spectacles as traffic inched along before we were able to plan our escape. (An often forgotten fact about the BMW RT(pre 2014) is that sitting in traffic will make the bike overheat and produces a smell that is somewhat akin to burnt caramel as your engine oil is cooked to death). Fortunately, we were back on our way towards the first scenic spot of the day…

We took numerous photos at the scenic look out spot just off to the right of the bridge exit. One comical note: as we were dismounting, a couple of Asian fellows waked up to my BMW and started taking photos of themselves at my bike as though they had just met a movie star!

Working our way to the PCH1 was a treat with the exception on one particular descending very tight turn that caused me to become very tense for the first part of the ride. But, oh the view as we came to the Pacific Ocean for the first time! My bike has now been to the Atlantic, the pacific and the Gulf of Mexico…

Traffic was what I had expected for a beautiful Sunday afternoon and before long, we found a great little dining establishment called the farmhouse for a late lunch. I had the fresh cod and Matt had the oyster poboy. I just couldn’t bring myself to order such a thing on the west coast, not as a self respecting New Orleanian anyway!

As the afternoon escaped us, our goal of making it to eureka became out of reasonable reach, so we set our sights on Fort Bragg, CA with a lighthouse and sunset over the pacific along the way!

I especially appreciate the symmetrical thought process that Jon put into planing this amazing adventure. We had a few light houses on our route last year, however, the fog was so dense upon our arrival that barely anything was visible. (Hey look… I think that’s some rocks and maybe that’s the Atlantic Ocean..!). Having a lighthouse on the route this year seemed only fitting!

Our arrival at the lighthouse could not have been more perfectly planned for soaking in the amazing sunset that the west coast is known for, however it could not have been a more unfortunate time for actually seeing the lighthouse up close as the gate was locked. We dismounted and proceeded to take in the beauty of Gods creation. I was also blessed to have cell coverage at that point and to be able to partake of the sunset with my bride via FaceTime! Thanks Steve Jobs, where ever you are…

We pushed on towards our destination about another 50 miles of winding roads along the coastline to arrive a little after 10:15.

















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