NOLA to Canadian Rockies 2018-Day 9

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 23, 2018/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Canadian Rockies 2018, Touring/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Seattle, WA

Time: 07:00

Weather Conditions: Rainy and 63F

Daily High Temperature:89F

Destination: Chilliwack, BC

Daily Miles Logged: 435

Arrival Time: 21:15

States Visited: Washington, British Columbia

Daily Highlights:

  • Lighthouse Park West Vancouver, BC
    • Here is a review from Trip Advisor: This is a beautiful park. Its main feature is the Port Atkinson Lighthouse. Getting to the lighthouse itself is easy. To get the iconic view of the lighthouse (taken from a little west of it) you need to walk to West Beach and that is about 20 minutes west of the lighthouse. Walking to West Beach is a bit challenging. There is a trail which is not difficult to find and walk but it can be a bit difficult at times for an older person or someone who has difficulty walking. The trail from the lighthouse to the rocks west of the lighthouse is somewhat primitive though there are some man-made wooden bridges and a handrail is provided for one steep stairs. Perhaps Vancouver’s most iconic photo op! Highly recommend this park for any family or person.
    • Whistler: Site of the 2010 Winter Olympics
    • Sea-to-Sky Highway:
      • Running along the coast from Vancouver to Whistler and beyond, is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. It boasts spectacular ocean and mountain views, and an abundance of outdoor adventure along the way. Pass towering rock faces that plunge into the sea, cascading waterfalls, thick temperate rainforest and small coastal communities. Howe Sound glitters below, framed by glaciers and jagged peaks.
    • Fraser Canyon- Original site from Rambo, “First Blood” movie

This update is being written the following day due to time limitations from our late arrival and necessary early departure on Day 10…

We left the hotel in Seattle in good form with a positive outlook for the day even though there were some rain clouds in the sky, we were optimistic that the day would end up being beautiful, and we were not disappointed.

Crossing the USA to Canada border was a fairly straightforward process although it took nearly an hour to do so.  Once we all were through, we continued on our way towards our first destination which was the Lighthouse park via a detour that led us through downtown Vancouver.

Traffic was heavy, especially considering that it was a Saturday morning.  Our GPS units once again all had conflicting instructions on how to get us to Canada Hwy 1, but we ultimately made it.



Lighthouse park was a challenge from the first turn towards the park.  It seems like the Canadians lack some creativity in street naming as each GPS instruction seemed to include the same name, but it was a derivative of it like avenue, boulevard, drive, way and other designations.  Once we sorted all of that foolishness out, we found ourselves in the “parking lot” which was a steep incline in a non-paved lot full of loose gravel.  The only thing worse would have been mud or sand.  Once parked, we began to make our way towards the lighthouse.

Steven Jr climbing rocks as usual

The trail that led to the shore was marked, but not with distances for the various trails.  Little did we know that it was nearly a 3km hike into the park, just to gain an obscured view.  I handed off my camera to Jr and he made the extra hike down the rocky pathway to get the following photo.

Jon does so much research to make our days flow effortlessly, but this lighthouse park’s online information had nothing about how inaccessible it was by bike or car, and certainly nothing about the hike to get to the lookout spot that was on the rocky shoreline.

Trent and Jon on the rocky shoreline taking a breather


The rest of our day was spent riding through the beautiful undulating roadways as shown in the map above.  We rode through Whistler and other towns that I am sure contain lots of points of interest, but we did not have the time to stop as daylight was fading fast.


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