NOLA to Canadian Rockies 2018-Day 4

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 18, 2018/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Canadian Rockies 2018, Touring/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Cody, WY

Time: 0730

Weather Conditions:  Wet and 62F

Daily High Temperature: 64

Destination: Flagg Ranch, Yellowstone National Park

Daily Miles Logged: 257

Arrival Time: 1730

States Visited: Wyoming

Highlights Include:

  • Old Faithful
  • Fountain Paint Pots
  • West Thumb Geyser Basin

Weather was the killer today… We started in misting rain after a stronger rain had subsided, but we were still right on our target for departure of 07:30.  We each donned our rain gear and headed off to top off our tanks for the day ahead in Yellowstone.

Various periods of steady rain, to mist, to fog were to order for the morning as well as intermittently heavy traffic.  Even with the unfavorable weather, we had a terrific ride with lots of laughter and camaraderie.  

Our first stop was at a the West Thumb Geyser Basin.  Upon our arrival, a few of us needed to use the rest room and the lines were quite long.  This made for a humorous situation as it was steadily raining on us as we all waited in line.  Upon entering the “facility’, one was created by the most horrific stench you can imagine, as well as a sign instructing visitors how to use and not use the commode.  The image was of someone standing on the rim of the non-flushing toilet with a red circle around it.  Who would do that?

Thick fog and rain… hard to see much of anything like that!

Steven Jr taking a few photos at the West Thumb Basin

The crowds thick, so we headed off towards Old Faithful.  Since we had some time before the next show, so to speak, we ate lunch at the Geyser Grill.  The lines were heavy and there were signs posted for no outside food or drinks, yet a tour bus of asian folks were there eating “terriaki spam” and instant noodle bowls.  That made things even more challenging to the folks that were paying customers to find a spot to sit down to eat.  Ugg…


This is a book for sale in the gift shop… I actually thought about buying it… for a moment!

Steve Jr and the rest of the gang made their way to the Bee Hive Geyser just prior to the next activity at Old Faithful.  This site has numerous smaller geysers that will erupt periodically, but none with the frequency and regularity as Old Faithful.  We found some seats and waited the remaining 30 minutes and found things to amuse ourselves with, sometimes with unbridled hilarity.  People are funny, and we all have our quirks.  These differences are what makes humanity special and wonderful, if we take the time to observe.

Jon and I taking photos of each other taking photos… what a laugh!

Old Faithful doing what she does…


As the day was winding on, we ventured into the Fountain Paint Pots and got to take in the various thermally active spots.  These were not as vibrant and colorful as they were last year in large part due to the weather conditions.  I must say though, it is intriguing to see water boiling up from under the earth, regardless of the weather.

Steven Jr venturing off the path to find a great photo spot


Our final destination for the day was Flagg Ranch where we have overnight accommodations.  Matt, Jr and I decided to cut the last leg of the days route and head to the ranch to get settled in for the evening.  Jon and Randall ventured a little further to capture a shot of the grand tetons.  

Dinner was at the restaurant in the Flagg Ranch visitor center.  It was adequate, but not great.  Jr had a slab of Prime Rib and asparagus, I had grilled mountain trout and asparagus.  His was room temperature and mine was slightly overcooked, but a world better than the salmon debacle back in Cody.  Salmon was on the menu as well tonight, and before we went to the restaurant, I pleaded with the gang to help me refrain from ordering it.  The all joked at the table about ordering it, even getting the waiter in on the gig by having him describe it in detail of preparation, sourcing, and even cook temperature.  I was having none of it… and ordered the trout.  They all had steak.


Our cabin with a shot of the last few moments of daylight as we closed out a fantastic day

We are praying for a break in this weather for tomorrow and better conditions so that we can enjoy what we came here for, but if it doesn’t cooperate, we will still have a great time together exploring this amazing area of our beloved country.


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