NOLA to Canadian Rockies 2018-Day 2

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 16, 2018/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Canadian Rockies 2018, Touring/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Moore, OK

Time: 0700

Weather Conditions: 74 and clear

Daily High Temperature: 98.7

Destination: Loveland, CO

Daily Miles Logged: 725

Arrival Time: 1900

States Visited: Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado

Today was another day where the primary focus was “getting there”, and there, today at least was Loveland, Colorado.  We had a beautiful start to the day, however, due to an unfortunate disagreement with several of our GPS units calculating todays route, we made a turn that led us off our intended path.  While adding miles and some time to our day, the lack of traffic made the days miles more enjoyable than on the super slab.

The speed limits out here have ben consistently 75mph which has aided in our ability to cover miles in a timely manner.  The winds have been unlike anything we normally experience back home in South Louisiana, and for most of the day today, they were coming from our left side, blowing us all over the road.  Some tense moments were had as trucks were passing us going in the opposite direction.

The results of riding with the wind blowing at you from the left. Chicken strips still intact on the new PR4s on the right side, and lots of wear on the left!

Lunch was a pleasant treat as we found a roadside joint that we would never have encountered by taking our “alternative” route.

I had a delicious Rueben sandwich that was excellent with just the right sauerkraut and toasted bread.  It was an interesting change as well that the corned beef was more chopped than sliced and it was extremely tender and flavorful.

I think this boot scraper has seen better days and scraped its last boot!

Jon is having an issue with his clutch fluid reservoir that we hope will be sorted out this evening with a new gasket.  One could look at the availability of Harley parts and dealerships as a nothing but an friend to traveller of the HD persuasion.  Once could also argue that BMW’s simply do not require as much fussiness! (hahahaha)

Jr catching a quick moment of rest while Jon and Randall attempt to solve the leaky clutch

Dinner was nothing to write home about, so I will only say this… Chile’s.  Tomorrow we start to experience some of the good stuff that we have pushed so hard to see.  Rain is in the forecast as are temperatures in the upper 30’s at the summit of Colorado’s Trail Ridge Road inside the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We are going to get an early start (06:30) in an effort to beat some of the nasty weather that is forecast for the day tomorrow.  Two hard days, but we are now getting to the good stuff!


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