NOLA to Canadian Rockies 2018-Day 12

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 26, 2018/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Canadian Rockies 2018, Touring/ 1 comments

Day 12

Departure Location: Banff, Alberta

Time: 0800

Weather Conditions: Clear and cold, 49F

Daily High Temperature: 74F (Daily low of 35F with snow!)

Destination: Calgary, Alberta

Daily Miles Logged: 304

Arrival Time: 18:20

Visited: Banff, Calgary

Daily Highlights:

Columbia Icefields…!

Our day began like so many have, early rise, quick pack of the bike, quick breakfast and then on the road.  Todays pace was to be more relaxed as we spent time on and off the bike exploring some of the amazing sites that this area has to offer.

Today was our first day with Ben and Tami riding along.  The original plan was for them to fly in and rent a Harley, but due to the daily milage restrictions, they opted for a Dodge Challenger.  Ben was in good humor and even wore his helmet most of the day so that he could partake of the banter during the ride!  There is a photo of this somewhere…

Our first stop was Lake Louise.  Situated near the entrance of the Kootenay National Park, this lake is part of the Victoria Glacier that can be seen in the images below.

I asked for the photo to be taken with me on standing on the rock so that I was as tall as Jr, but he insisted on standing on an even taller nearby rock.

Back on the bikes and we were headed towards the Hector Lookout point…

The lookout at Hector Lake

Steven Jr and Matt ventured down to the lake intent on seeing how cold the water was.  I noticed that they didn’t keep their hands in for very long.

The color of the water is a byproduct of the glaciers moving through the mountain ranges grinding away at the rocks and minerals and is a combination thereof as well as mud and silt.  When the glacier melts, the minerals and other materials are deposited in the water and as the sun reflects on the water, it produces the distinct color shown in the photos.

We missed the short cut to visit the lookout point at Bow Summit, so we took the 600m walk, uphill, to get our photos.  It was well worth our time in doing so, but along the way, it began to snow on us… that is not a great feeling for a bunch of southern boys where back home today the temps were close to 100F!

The view at the end of the walking trail at Bow Summit

I try to catch him when he is not looking, but more often than not, he is aware that I am trying to sneak a photo for his momma…

Our day of riding wrapped up with a run through the Kananaskis Trail which was a great road to enjoy the view, but there were areas where the paving is in disrepair.  We encountered wildlife on this run as well including grizzly bears and mountain sheep.

There really are bears here…!

This run was an unexpected bonus, but one that I am glad we captured!  It was not the most exhilarating “motorcycle road”, but, when you factor in the roadway, scenery, and wildlife, it was more than memorable… it will be a highlight to our trip!

Our last stretch into home base for the evening had us in peak hour traffic coming into Calgary.  Lots of road construction, I suppose due to the “coming out of thaw” season, had us wrangling with conflicting GPS instructions for the last 20km of the ride, but our hotel is nice and we had a fantastic day!

Tomorrow is an early start time as we make our way towards Jasper, our furthest point north for this year.


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  1. Love the photos, Steven. Nice ride!

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