NOLA to Canadian Rockies 2018-Day 10

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 24, 2018/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Canadian Rockies 2018, Touring/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Chilliwack, BC

Time: 07:45

Weather Conditions:62 and clear skies

Daily High Temperature:

Destination: Nelson, BC

Daily Miles Logged: 455

Arrival Time: 18:30

States Visited: British Columbia

Daily Highlights:

  • Coquihalla Highway and Canyon Provencial Park
  • Last Railway Spike Location
  • Awesome roads

With such a late arrival last night, and so many miles to cover today, we agreed to an 07:30 launch.  In reality, we rolled at 07:48.  The weather was slightly chilly once we were moving after our morning fuel stop.  

Leaving Chilliwack, we found ourselves on the Trans-Canadian Hwy 1 heading towards our first stop which was an abandoned railroad path in Coquihalla Canyon Provencial Park.  This area is now used for recreational hiking, mountain biking and camping, but is best known for the large tunnels that were part of the original construction in the late 1800’s to facilitate a railway that connected the coasts of Canada, especially for the movement of valuable minerals that were abundant in this area.

Part of a former railway system that connected the west coast to the center of Canada

I love the way the Canadians see the “Aggressive Americans”

Steven Jr exploring a cave

I walked through the first three tunnels and got a great feel for the area before I made my way back to the parking area.  I stopped along the way and studied the park signage and took a long look at the inside of the tunnels.  These tunnels were made, mostly with manpower, not machines.  It is truly amazing to imagine carving these tunnels through the sides of many mountains in order to make the railway system possible.

Obligatory selfie inside the first tunnel

The river that runs along the shoreline of the railway path

Jon being Jon… Seeing the world through the lens of his camera

Before long, we were back on the road and heading along Hwy 5 towards Kamloops.  We did not make any scenic stops as the theme for today was covering as many of the interesting motorcycle roads in this area as possible.  Twisty, curvaceous, rolling hills, rapid ascent and descent, all would be apropos terms to describe the roads today.

Lunch was at a pub-type establishment that Jon found and I must say, it was the best fish and chips (fresh filleted halibut and hand-cut fries) that I have had in ages.  


After lunch, we were off to a dairy that was recommended by a friend in the Gulf South BMW ones group for some homemade ice-cream.  It was delightful!  Thanks to Ken O’Malley for the tip.

Do you smell that…?

My beloved angel Melody’s reaction when she saw the photo us us eating ice cream without her…

Our last stop for the day was the location of where the final railroad spike was driven to complete the Trans-Canada Railroad.  Only a very small section of the original railway still exists as it has been replaced and repaired numerous times over the years.  This site serves primarily as a historical reference for the location than anything else. 



Our route to home base in Nelson, BC included a ferry crossing that was delightful.  Beautiful still water and scenic vistas surrounded us as we made our way across the 3.5 mile lake that connected us to our pathway home for the night.


Randall taking a short nap

Our Band of Brothers… And I stood up for this photo!

At some point in the last few days, we have all felt like this!

Tomorrow will be a shorter day from a milage standpoint, but we enter one of the really trophy area’s for our trip this year…The Columbia Icefields!


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