NOLA to Canadian Rockies 2018-Day 1

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 15, 2018/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Canadian Rockies 2018, Touring/ 0 comments

Departure Location: New Orleans, LA

Time: 0500

Weather Conditions: 78F, Warm and humid

Daily High Temperature: 101.4F

Destination: Moore, OK

Daily Miles Logged: 712

Arrival Time: 18:01

States Visited: Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma

Not much to write home about on day one. Long day in the saddle getting to where we’re going. Our journey began yesterday when our fearless leader, Jon, left Orlando and encountered a series of technical difficulties with his bike’s clutch switch cluster that rendered his cruise control inoperable.  Jon also spent the better part of the day in weather that is not fit for riding on two wheels.  Still he persevered and arrived in Port Allen, LA last night.

Not a bad photo for a 0500 departure

On-time departure

We met up with Matt and Randall at our customary spot in Kenner at Loyola and I-10 and then we were off to meet up with Jon at the Harley Dealership in Alexandria.  Much to our surprise and with deep appreciation, the top notch service team had already started on Jon’s repair by the time we arrived and within 30 minutes, we were back on schedule.

I discovered that I have an anomaly with my personal credit card in that the front of the card is printed upside down.  This caused two separate instances where my card was not being read by the pumps and created an unfortunate windfall of other issues with my account that I hope are now sorted out.

Lunch was at a combo Gas and BBQ joint and was acceptable given those criteria.  I did not bother photo documenting the experience as it was just ok.

We arrived at our lodging for this evening at just past 18:00.  Our “campground” tonight is the Hampton Inn located in Moore, OK.  Dinner was at a Mexican joint with an Italian name, “Alfredo’s”.  Go figure.  The tacos were delish and we were seated behind a party of 25.  Additionally, our arrival at the restaurant was unique in that there was a medical team and fire truck located outside of the restaurant.  Little did we know that they had stopped seating patrons until the drama had settled down.  We had the good sense to preselect our meals and order when the waitress arrived for our drink orders.  We were back at the hotel for 20:30 and the sun was still out… Imagine that?

Tomorrow, we continue our hard press towards the good stuff and our campground will be in Loveland, CO.  The weather is looking favorable and the further north we travel, the cooler temps we expect to find.  Todays high over 100F was a painful reminder of what is to come later this summer back home in Louisiana.  For now, we shall bask in the moments ahead.


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