New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017-Trip Prep

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 28, 2017/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017/ 0 comments

Less than 24 hours remain before we set off on our grand adventure to the Northeast and the fresh and exciting experiences that Nova Scotia will yield.  Our bikes have received all of the needed pre-trip servicing, including new rubber for the 6500+ miles that lie ahead.  Matt and I chose to try the new Dunlop Roadsmart III tires as they have been receiving some very good reviews and seem to be the latest challenger to our favorite Michelin Pilot Road 4’s.  My initial impression has not been as favorable as I had hoped, but with only 400 miles or so on them, I am sure they are still “breaking in.”

Packing for this journey has been a slightly easier process given the experience gained from our past trips.  With each trip, I gain a better understanding of what is “necessary” and what is “nice to have” as the limited storage available on my bike is consumed.  We are not expecting cold temperatures, but cool and wet can be more of a challenge than cold and dry, so we are preparing accordingly with layers for warmth and my trusty TourMaster rainsuit that has been dubbed “the Michelin Man” because of how it inflates through the cuffs on the sleeves when we are on the highway.

Our itenerary is full and so is our expectation for the commradarie that these trips foster through these shared experiences.  There will be several hi-milage days as we push hard to “get there”, but then the pace will settle down a bit as we enjoy the highlights of what I view as an exotic destination.  The choice to visit Nova Scotia was not made lightly, and at first, was not an obvious destination.  But with a little discovery of what this “far away land” contains made it an irresistable selection.  Many thanks are in order for the hours of research and route planning that Jon has put into this trip… all of our lives will be richer because of it!

With rain in the morning forecast, my prayer is that we can skirt out before anything too heavy appears.  Our 0530 departure time has not been met with rousing enthusiasm, but it should set us up for a descent arrival time in Cherokee, NC for our rallying point with the first round of the Florida crew.


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