New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017-Day 6

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ July 4, 2017/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017/ 0 comments

Departure Location:  Ellsworth, ME

Time: 0750

Weather Conditions: Partly Cloudy and 67

Daily High Temperature: 84

Destination: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Daily Miles Logged: 430

Arrival Time:

States Visited: Maine and into Canada

What should have been a medium milage and length day today turned into something that none of us anticipated.  Our planned departure time was missed due to the early departure of one of our riders and the reconfiguring of the Packtalk system.  Once all comm units were connected and working, the system works very well, even in our chase car.

We worked our way northeast along a route that was supposed to be coastal with many views of the ocean, however, most of the route proved to be just far removed enough from the coast to be  obscured with trees and other visual obstructions to prevent us from enjoying the coast of Maine.

Being July 4th, we were very aware of the fact that many of the little towns we would be traveling through would be having celebrations of one sort or another.  Our lunch destination was the lobster fishing town named Eastport.  We arrived a little early as we did not have many scenic opportunities along our route to cause a delay.  We met a few of the local fishermen, got to see their fresh catches, and walk the docks a bit while waiting for the restaurant to open for lunch.

As there was an independence day parade scheduled for 2pm, we enjoyed our lobster dinners (pronounced where the “er” sounds more like “ah”) and suited up for the rain that began to fall on us during our meal.

Just 50 or so miles later, we were at the border crossing in Calais Maine, arriving in to St. Stephen, N.B.  The border crossing was straight forward and did not present any issues for our group.  Our route took us along N.B. 1 which seemed to be like a slightly slower moving interstate system than what we have here at home.

Our plan were to visit the Cape Enrage Light House and then the Hopewell Cape, but as the day moved on, and a few miscalculations with the GPS waypoints, we found ourselves with the choice of seeing our first lighthouse (many more to come on the trip) or to make a b-line to the Cape.  We chose the latter.

The cape is an amazing place where you can literally walk on the ocean floor at low tide and our arrival left us with about 30 minutes to explore the area before the tide began to move in.

Described as follows:

  • The Bay of Fundy is one of the Marine Wonders of the World with tides rising as much as 16.3m (53 vertical feet) over a 12-hour period twice each day.
  • The Hopewell Rocks are located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy at Hopewell Cape. This attraction is one of the Marine Wonders of the World, and is the site of some of the World’s Highest Tides. Walk on the ocean floor in the shadows of the majestic flower-pot rocks, unique formations carved by erosion over thousands of years. Experience tides rising up to 4-storeys high, making it possible to kayak, at high tide, over the same area you may have recently walked at low tide.

We were certainly not disappointed in our visit…  Tomorrow, we will hear further northeast and explore Prince Edward Island and the land of Anne of Green Gables.



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