New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017-Day 2

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ June 30, 2017/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017, Touring/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Cherokee, NC

Time: 0800

Weather Conditions: 72, fog, mist and rain

Daily High Temperature: 87 (low of 61)

Destination: Boone, NC

Daily Miles Logged: 209

Arrival Time: 1745

States Visited: North Carolina


Our on time departure set the stage for what we had hoped would be a fantastic day of scenic riding.  One simply cannot ask for a more picturesque area that is rich with scenic textures than the Great Smokey Mountains.  However, today, the mountains decided to fully live up to their name and they simply did not put on the display that we had been so greatly anticipating.

There should be some amazing scenery behind us, instead… pea soup fog

In light of the weather conditions, we made the call to skip the Wheels Through Time Museum and try to get in front of the days moisture if at all possible.  Fog, mist, and rain were the order of the day as far as the sights were concerned. The banter during the ride was entertaining and helped to keep the focus on the road when necessary, and also on building a team spirit that will carry through for the next two weeks.  I cannot express how amazing it is to have the level of camaraderie and the range of mutual interests as a foundation to build our friendship on.

Stevie asked… What the heck is that?

There were many highly researched waypoints for our day today that should have yielded some amazing photo memories, instead, we will have memories of laughs, close calls with turtles, turtles, bears, and squirrels, wet seats, damp clothes, and another day closer to our destination of Nova Scotia.  We made it to the peak of Mount Mitchell and grabbed a quick lunch at the lodge at the summit.  The view was consistent with what we had experienced the rest of the day… white out fog.

After a somewhat disappointing trip up Mt. Mitchell, we bypassed Grandfather mountain as we figured the view would be more of the same.  Instead, we made an unscheduled stop at Linville Falls for a one-mile round trip hike to see some beautiful water falls.  By this point in the day, the tops of my toes had been blistered by the shift pad on my new boots.  I am hoping that with a few bandaids, I can get a little relief tomorrow and that those areas will toughen up over the next few days.

Our final point of interest for the day was the Linn Cove Viaduct.  We arrived at the visitors center in foggy conditions that began deteriorating with each passing moment.  Walking towards the observation point was quite misleading in that it was a spot underneath the road surface that allows you to see how the roadway was constructed.  The rest of the gang went on a little further on a muddy trail to see if there was a different viewing perspective, but after 20 minutes or so, they turned back as the mist was now full on rain.

Not sure what Trent was looking for here…

I wonder how long before the P.C. crowd protests this sign?

Riding in to the town of Boone, NC is pleasant and reminds me a little of Gatlinburg, TN.  Dinner was at a mexican joint that Matt, Trent and I found a few years ago when we were in Boone for a BMW Rally.  Our hotel is only a few months old and is a very nice place to flop for the evening.

Tomorrow, we will try some more scenic roads as we work our way to Staunton, VA.  The forecast is calling for similar conditions as we had today, but what the heck do the forecasters know?


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