New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017-Day 14

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ July 12, 2017/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Yarmouth, NS

Time: none

Weather Conditions: Foggy and high 60’s

Daily High Temperature: Not sure

Destination: None, the ferry did not run today so we had to hunker down for another night

Daily Miles Logged: maybe 18

Arrival Time: hahaha


Well, the CAT ferry does not run on Wednesday’s, at least not this month, and we received an email that there was an engine problem with one of the four engines.  Our departure is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 0630.

We had breakfast, lunch and dinner today within walking distance of the hotel as none of us really relished the notion of getting back on the bikes with close to 1700 miles to ride to get home.  We walked by the ferry dock to see what the deal was for tomorrow and the place was like a deserted ghost town, but the ferry was in port.


We also made a quick run to the last lighthouse by car that was on our route for yesterday.  We skipped it due to the fog that was rolling in, and this morning wasn’t much better.  Since the view wasn’t that great this morning, we made a quick run back this afternoon on the bikes to see it sans fog.  The route there was clear, until the last few hundred meters and then we were back in the fog! Ugh!


Henri and Janet said farewell this morning as they are planning on remaining a few more days, at a more relaxed pace mind you, in Nova Scotia before heading home.

I took a much needed afternoon siesta that I hope will help stem the tide for the next couple of hard days that lie ahead.  Even with as tired as we all seem to be, we shared many laughs today as we recounted the events of the past two weeks, and relived numerous others from our previous adventures.  No matter what the future holds, the time that I have spent with these fine gentlemen will be considered some of the richest times of my life.  The places we’ve been, and the things we’ve seen are too numerable to recount at this late hour, but I am full, and I am hopeful for the years ahead that these times will be added to.

At the Forchu Lighthouse just outside of Yarmouth

Jr doing what he has loved doing for the entire trip… climbing rocks

You did say three scoops, now didn’t you Trent?

Do I even want to know what is inside this box?

They certainly do march to the beat of their own drum here in Yarmouth

You can see the ferry from our hotel window

Photos from our second visit back to the lighthouse where I snuck inside to see what was going on…


Our final mean in Nova Scotia… I had another lobster sandwich with poutine fries… (pronounced differently… don’t ask!)



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