New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017-Day 12

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ July 10, 2017/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Halifax, N.S.

Time: 1200

Weather Conditions: 82 and clear skies

Daily High Temperature: 84

Destination: Lunenburg, N.S.

Daily Miles Logged: 151

Arrival Time: 2000

Our plans today began with a little further exploration of the sea front area of Halifax near our hotel.  We toured the Canadian Maritime Museum which had a small exhibit related to the sinking and subsequent rescue efforts related to the Titanic.  Nova Scotia was the closest sea port to the sinking, but still 700 nautical miles from the site of the disaster.

This is an example of a lighthouse lantern! It is huge

This is a contact mine used to protect the harbor some time ago

You know if there is a piano, I am going to find it! 66 keys and 1 pedal

Lounging in a replica of a deck chair from the Titanic

This is an actual deck chair from the Titanic

The museum was not as large as I had thought it might be considering the subject matter and the location, but, there were still many interesting things to be discovered.  A new discovery for me today was what the name “Nova Scotia” means when translated to English.  It means “New Scotland” which made sense after the sailing tour we did a few days back when the tour guide said that Alexander Graham Bell settled in Nova Scotia during the summer because it was the place that reminded him most of his homeland in Scotland.

The view from my hotel in Halifax

We limited our time to facilitate a noon departure from the hotel which was the latest check out time we could get and that worked well for the Elizabeth and Annette’s departing flights our of Halifax.  As we headed out of the city center, we stopped by the cemetery where some of the Titanic victims were laid to rest.  It was a somber place and many of the grave markers lack the name of the victim as their bodies were never claimed.  This includes a 2 year old child whose entire family was lost at sea.  Her remains were ultimately identified in the early 2000’s.

Unknown victims of the Titanic

Found a family name on one of the headstones… I wish I knew if his first name was John…

Umm… Ok!

No visit to a major city would be complete with a visit to the local Harley Dealership, and one simply could not pass up the opportunity to do so in such an exotic place as Halifax.   After the obligatory T-shirts were acquired, were were back on the road heading towards Lunenburg.

Our route thad us staying inland for the first portion, through a heavily wooded section of Nova Scotia on our way to West Dover.  Returning to the coast, we noticed the land becoming more rugged and barren with huge granite boulders and rocky outcroppings, creating a sea-carved landscape.

Jr, once agin tempting fate

We turned onto Peggy’s Pointe Road to visit what is the most iconic lighthouse in all of Nova Scotia, the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse located in West Dover.  Just before hitting the lighthouse, we stopped at a little joint called Shaw’s Landing.  Their sign was irresistible, and their food was terrific!  I completely forgot to take a photo of my lunch as we were running behind schedule, but I had a grilled cheese lobster sandwich on what was in-house homemade bread.  It was spectacular and had just the right amount of buttery goodness offset with a bit of garlic.  The fries were also hand cut and made fresh in house!

Next on the route was a quick visit to the Flight 111 memorial just up the road from Peggy’s cove.  I had not really researched the tragedy, but more than 300 souls perished that day in a crash that began as a fire on board the plane.

Our push to Lunenburg continued along the coastline to visit one last scenic spot called the blue rocks.  While there were rocks there, they certainly were not blue.  We found out later that the rocks appear bluish at sunset.  The road to get to this spot was a bumpy mess that reminded me or riding at home in some of the worst parts of the city… not fun when the sun is in your face and making it difficult to see the upcoming roadway.

RT at the blue rocks, that were not blue

Tomorrow we push to Yarmouth which begins our official turn towards home.  The sights have been amazing, the food has been very good overall, but this has been a trip to remember for my lifetime…


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