New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017-Day 11

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Departure Location: Digby, N.S.

Time: 0730

Weather Conditions: 63 degrees with misting rain and heavy fog

Daily High Temperature: 84

Destination: Halifax, N.S.

Daily Miles Logged: 252

Arrival Time:1915

States Visited: Nova Scotia

Today was to be centered around a whale watching excursion that would require us to make a total of 4 ferry crossings and travel to the southern most peninsula of Nova Scotia called Brier Island.  Trent likened our departure to a Chinese fire drill, and he was right.  But nonetheless, we were all in place when we needed to be and ready to roll.

Jon and Randall

The load in ramp that was slick and not so fun

Trent and Matt

Heavy fog was on the menu for our trip to the Island, and it made for some very interesting observations, or lack thereof, as we rode to the first ferry landing in fog so thick, we had no idea that we were traveling along the shore on both sides of the roadway.  We could hear the ferry approaching the landing, but could not see it until it was right upon us and the ramp was being lowered.  All I could think was “how can these guys run the ferry when they can’t see?”

Jr wondering why he agreed to go on a trip that has such early departure times

Our ultimate riding machines


For all of our preparation and planning to make the whale watching excursion a success, we were reminded that we are not the ones in control of the weather!  We could see the fog wanting to burn off, but there wasn’t enough time for it to do so before our departure.  The cleared fog areas near the docks turned to patchy fog which turned back into the pea soup that we had just ridden in for nearly two hours.


Our tour guide was terrific and made every effort to get us to a place where we could see these magnificent creatures of the deep waters, but not he or the 2 other guides that were in other boats in the same waters had any success in spotting even one whale.  The ride was nice and several of us fell asleep during the times we were to be listening for the whale spouts, myself included.  After nearly two hours of searching for these elusive creatures, our time was up.  On our way back to the docks, we passed a place called seal cove where we saw quite a number of the little sea dogs bobbing in and out of the water taking a peek at us.


Jr taking a nap on the boat

After a quick break, we suited up to meet up with the ferry to begin our journey to Halifax which was our termination point for the evening.  We made the first ferry, but just barely as they are fairly small with a very limited capacity for cars, bikes, and trucks.   The schedule was very tight to make the second ferry, and as our misfortune would have it, we were at the tail end of a very long line to get on the boat and we had to wait for the next launch.

A different ride back than earlier in the day, but you can see the fog still in the distance

This ferry was the newest that we have seen and was in very good condition

We stopped off in Digby for a quick lunch, and Jr enjoyed another lobster while I sampled the scallops.  His were definitely better than mine and it was a lesson learned… While in Nova Scotia, eat the lobster.

We made our final push into Halifax for the evening and decided to take a quick tour of the area before retiring for the evening.  This is an interesting place and has a little something for everyone it seems.  We happened to come upon what appeared to be a bike night in the waterfront area and had a quick conversation with a few of the people there.  We also saw where the Maritime museum site is locate for a quick visit there in the morning.  It houses one of the largest Titanic collections in the world.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to the ladies that have been with us the past week taking in the best of what the trip has had to offer.  For us, the long journey home begins in earnest on Tuesday.  This part of the trip is always a challenge… looking back on what we have already experienced, longing for more, but knowing that it is time to set our sights on home…


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