New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017-Day 10

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ July 8, 2017/ BMW R1200RT, New Orleans to Nova Scotia 2017/ 0 comments

Departure Location: Baddeck, N.S.

Time: 0650

Weather Conditions: 64 and rain

Daily High Temperature: 84

Destination: Digby, N.S.

Daily Miles Logged: 436

Arrival Time: 1959

Visited: Nova Scotia


Highlights Include:

Canso Causeway crosing the Straight of Canso to Mainland N.S.

Upper Indian Harbor Lakes

Eastern Shore Drive and Marine Drive aproaching Halifax

Our day began early with a quick stop for breakfast at Tim Hortons after checking out of the Invernary Resort.  By 0740, our entire group was rolling towards the Canso Causeway which would serve as our primary route to our ferry crossing at Country Harbor.  Rain was all around us, but with the proper gear, we were riding without any real concern, but at a little slower pace than we have been able to keep the past few days.

Dragging butt on day 10 of this amazing, but challenging adventure

Uh… what center line may not be the best choice!

I have crossed several ferry’s in South Louisiana over the past few years, and this one had a familiar feel to it, although it was wet and foggy.  We arrived just a minute or two too late to catch the 10 o’clock ferry and had to wait for it to return for us to cross.  The ferry’s seem to run on a schedule, at least they do when they feel like it and the weather is cooperating.  Crossing took us a total of an hour for a short 3 mile span that would have been several hours to loop around using the available roadways.


One vehicle on the ferry… Ugg@!

We were entertained by this small waterfall while we awaited the ferry

Safely on the ferry




One of the worst smelling facilities I have ever encountered…


As we continued our route along the southeastern coast of Nova Scotia, the beauty that we had come to expect was shrouded in fog and rain and would only reveal itself to us for brief moments before fading back into the obscurity of the heavy layer of fog.

With a lot of slow speed miles to cover today, we made our gas stops as brief as possible and chose to delete several stops along the way to help us get back on our schedule.  The original lunch stop was closed, so with a brief conversation with the locals during our fuel stop, we found a little place that was open and that had reasonably good food.

Sherbrooke Village Inn

Man… the lighthouses are small here in Nova Scotia. Really, they are!


Jr just beat up and wanting the day to come to an end

We pressed on through Halifax to where our route began a quicker pace by using the highway system that allowed for speeds of up to 60mph.  Most of the way was a two-lane highway with the occasional passing lane thrown in to speed up the flow.  We took advantage of this many times!

Our view from our room at the Admiral Digby Inn

We arrived just after 22:00 and we learned that the restaurant was about to close, so they graciously held it open for us and we were treated to some fantastic eats.  I ordered the smoked salmon appetizer and Jr ordered the “world famous” bacon wrapped scallops appetizer.  We both ordered lobster as our main entree because, well… we are in Nova Scotia!

Fishing boat heading out while we were enjoying the fruits of his labor

Can you ever really eat too many lobsters?

Tomorrow is yet another very early departure as we have roughly two hours of travel to cover in order to make it to our whale watching expedition that is planned for mid morning.  This will also include a total of FOUR ferry crossings in total for the day!  What a trip this has been already, and to think that there is still more to come!





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