New Orleans to Canada…

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When: May 17th-30th, 2013

From: New Orleans

To: Canada

Total Estimated Miles: 6000-6500


Tomorrow is the day!  After nearly four months of preparations and planning, the day has finally arrived for us to leave.   I am filled with mixed emotions…

Excited anticipation for the adventure ahead

Nervousness as I look at some of the long-range weather forecasts

Heartache for the absence of my family

But overwhelmingly, I feel an eagerness that can only be likened to what I recall from my childhood as the weeks and days before Christmas would wind down.

There will be no “camping.”  There will be little “roughing it” as we will be in hotels all along the way.  Unlike other motorcycle adventures, all but one mile of our proposed 6000 miles are paved.  But this is our adventure.  Our way.  Our time.  As I pull out of my driveway tomorrow morning, I embark upon an adventure unlike any other that I have previously attempted.

Sleep will be fleeting tonight, for tomorrow we ride!



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  1. Have a safe and happy trip!!! But come home to your beautiful family!!!!!

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