New Orleans to Canada Trip Final Prep

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ May 13, 2013/ BMW R1200RT, General Rants & Raves About Riding, New Orleans to Canada 2013/ 0 comments

As our departure rapidly approaches, today marked the final stages of prep of the RT for the adventure that lies ahead! My day did not start the way I had intended unfortunately because I left my phone charger plugged into the accessory port last weekend and it drained the battery just enough to where the bike would power up all of the lights and dash, but not enough juice to start the engine…

So, we plugged in the battery tender, rearranged our days activities, and by 2:30, there was plenty enough juice to start the engine. This meant, of course, that I had to take the bike for a brief 20 mile run to help further charge the battery! After a quick stop for a new brake tag and to top off the gas tank, it was back to the garage for the final rigging up of the cameras and luggage.


A quick wipe down and a coat of wax and I was all done. (My boys were happily splashing away in the pool while I was doing the final prep… I dipped my toe in the pool, and we are still a few degrees away from it being an enjoyable experience for me.)

The RT is ready, my bags are nearly packed…


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