New Orleans to Canada: Day 8 Brunswick, Maine to Berlin, VT

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Date: May 24th, 2013

Departure TIme: 8:50am

Arrival Time: 6:30pm

States Covered: Maine, Vermont

Miles Covered: 267 (Backroads)

Arrival temperature: 42 degrees

Today was another day of wet riding.  We began and ended the day in our rain gear, however, it was 62 degrees when we left Maine and 42 degrees when we arrived in Berlin.    As the temperature began to plummet, we all added layers to protect us from the penetrating cold.  By this time, my gloves were soaked through and no longer protecting my hands from anything other than a fall.  I swapped them out for my pair of winter gloves which proved to be waterproof as well!

Our first and only stop for anything other than fuel, food or bathroom breaks, was at the Permaquid Point Lighthouse located just south of Bristol Maine and near Muscungus Bay.  We were greeted by a very friendly gate keeper and welcomed into the park.  As we toured the site, I noticed a museum that was filled with mementos from ship wrecks and fishing history from the area that has been served by the lighthouse.  The fog was really rolling in and our time was limited, so after a few photos, we loaded back up and backtracked our way out of Bristol and began snaking our way towards Berlin.

The day was almost all backroad riding with the exception of a few miles of riding on interstate 93. which we rode until it ended.  I am not sure I have ever ridden to the end of any interstate highway before.  Our route took us through the White Mountains National Park again.  It is unfortunate that both of our passes through this national treasure were rainy and full of fog.

I feel like I am finally getting into a groove with the schedule in that I have rearranged the order of evening and morning prep to be more evening heavy, thus allowing for a little later wake up call.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of interstate riding as we need to get to Buffalo, NY.  This will be approximately 420 miles, but to head north as originally planned would only expose us to more rain and colder temperatures.  I have not returned to Rochester, NY since I left Eastman, and to be this close and not ride by seems sort of tragic in a way…  But, it gives me a reason to return to the upstate New York area at a later date to experience the area with hopefully more cooperative weather.
















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