New Orleans to Canada: Day 7 Brattleboro, Vermont to Brunswick, Maine

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Date: May 23rd, 2013

Departure TIme: 7:00 am

Arrival Time: 6:15pm

States Covered: Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine

Miles Covered: 340

Our day began with the hope for clear skies as we pulled away from the Best Western in Brattleboro. Our first stop was at a beautiful covered bridge that was constructed in 1879. We had an opportunity to take a few photos and then we were on our way towards Vermont.

Today’s route brought us through Rutland VT and then through the Green Mountain national park. These were beautiful undulating hills and turns that kept us on our toes as the temptation to take in God’s handiwork surrounded us. The dominant color is certainly green at this point, but it is not hard to imagine the colors on display in the fall as the colors change. This is certainly a worthwhile trip to make with the family during the leaf season.

We found ourselves at a scenic overlook that was across the street from a tavern called the Skyline Restaurant which claimed to have the world’s best waffles and homemade cakes. My love for waffles is confined to when I travel. I have been on the pursuit of the world’s finest waffle, and since I haven’t been to Belgium yet, I figured this just might be the place. No such luck, they were not yet open “for the season” and we had many more miles to cover.

Our next stop was for fuel at a place called the East Dorset General Store. We had been driving for miles with nothing in sight other than a few road construction sites until this place seemed to pop up out of nowhere. The first thing that caught my eye was the Green Mountain Coffee logo, one that I am very familiar with as my go-to afternoon cup of coffee is the Vermont Country Blend. Sure enough, there was a Keurig machine with all of the Green Mountain coffee you could ever want, well… for at least a month or two.

Back on the road we continued on through the Green Mountain Park and into New Hampshire. The scenery seemed similar, but I found myself wondering about how such a place gets the first presidential primary pick… I suppose that is to say that my mind began to wander as the road seemed to roll by. We passed several local eating establishments on this route, one in particular I seem to recall, had the most delectable aroma of smoked meats wafting through the air as if to grab you by the nostrils and draw you inside their restaurant. We sadly passed this oasis by and landed at the Enfield House of Pizza. This was a nice enough place with clean facilities and a very welcoming young lady tending to the counter. One could tell that this was a family run operation. Mom (or maybe grandma) was in the Kitchen with the daughter taking orders. We met a lovely elderly couple that pulled up in an antique car (maybe they had purchased it new and just kept it nice for all these years, but I doubt it). They inquired about our Louisiana license plates and asked us where we were headed. For a Pizza place, they had a fairly extensive menu… therefore, I did not have to actually eat pizza. I had a haddock “grinder” which seems to be a yankee term for po-boy, although the bread was certainly not Leidenheimers.

After lunch came the great debate as to prepare for the rain that we knew we would see, or to delay the inevitable for a little while longer… We waited and shortly thereafter we were caught in a nice downpour. We were able to find a turn off to suit up, but several miles before the rain began, my oil pressure indicator came on warning me of low oil level. Toping off my oil in the rain was like a Chinese fire drill. I am so thankful for everyones assistance, and it seemed like everyone was willing to help out to get us back on the road.

We entered another National Park named the White Mountain National Park and continued on its roadway on into Maine. Rain was our constant companion and should no signs of lessening. The roadways were wet, but manageable and visibility was never really an issue. Small townships turned into country roads, which in turn, lead us to yet another small town. These were great fun to experience but the rain was preventing us from really experiencing what this area has to offer as far as the sights and sounds are concerned.

In one particular town, we we treated to the spectacle of two locals pushing a baby stroller in the pouring rain whilst eating one of the biggest ice cream cones I have seen in recent memory. For context, it was 61 degrees and pissing rain… firstly, what in the world were they doing walking in the rain with a baby stroller? Secondly… Ice cream in the rain? at 61 degrees? In New Orleans, we would be lighting up the fireplace and making hot cocoa!

Our weary waterlogged party took refuge at yet another Best Western tonight. It is located in Bath, Maine and seems to have been remodeled recently. This marks my 4th stay this week and qualifies me for a $50 discount on tonights room! Yay, Best Western…

Dinner was at a local family restaurant named Captain Mike’s which is known for their lobster and clams. I ordered the lobster, haddock and crab chowder and what they called a “lazy lobster” where it comes cut and peeled. I had my heart set on cracking into a lobster personally, but I did enjoy the “lazy” experience. Our waiter was the owners daughter and she was such a gracious host to our late arriving party of 11. She was also only 5 weeks away from her due date, so we were especially appreciative of her efforts. P.S. The chowder, the first I have had since arriving in New England, was spectacular.

Another early start to our day tomorrow, again in the rain… Hopefully, since we are moving west, and the weather is moving east, we can find some patches of sun and dry roads to enjoy in the next few days.



















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