New Orleans to Canada: Day 6 Danbury, CT to Brattleboro, Vermont

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Date: May 22nd, 2013

Departure TIme: 9:05pm

Arrival Time: 7:35pm

States Covered: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont

Miles Covered: TBD ( I forgot to mark the ending odometer reading)

Our team was scheduled to depart today at 8:30am, however, we missed that time by a few minutes. I was actually relieved somewhat as this gave me a few extra minutes to fiddle with my GoPro mounts and camera angles. (some of the folks in our group have nicknamed me 3GP… because I have 3 GoPro cameras mounted on my bike capturing various angles of the riding.) Once we were underway, we made quick work of the remaining miles from yesterdays agenda and rode through Hartford, CT on our way to some very scenic roadways in Rhode Island.

Lunch was at the Main St. Grille in Putnam, CT. The place came very highly recommended (on Yelp I believe) and by the owner of the pawn shop across the street (he didn’t call it that, but that is what it seemed like to me). Our waitress, Kayla, was a taste of local personality with her quick comments and witty repartee. Although it was on the menu, there was no chowder to be found in this quaint New England eatery. Trent and I opted for a Rueben(esque) sandwich that replaced the familiar corned beef with a polish sausage. The customary sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing were firmly in place to deliver a delectable rendition to one of my favorite sandwiches. Others seemed pleased with their selections, but our minds were really on getting back on the road.

I excused myself a few minutes early to prepare my bike so as to not be an inconvenience to the others in our group, however, on my way out of the Main St. Grille, I was stopped by a lovely elderly couple that asked if I was one of the riders whose bikes were parked out front. Not knowing where their question was leading, I answered politely, “Yes, Ma’am…” The husband and wife’s faces lit up with joy as they began to ask where we were from and where was our destination. Their questions quickly led to them sharing their fond memories of many trips that they took together across our great country together, and then lamenting the age and health complications that now prevent them from doing so. I could see a sense of vicariously enjoying our trip as we talked over the stops on our adventure. As I walked away from the Main St. Grille, I was filled with many of the same emotions that led me to discover this passion of mine, and I recalled the stories my dad shared with me about his love for riding when he was in the Navy stationed in San Diego. I was quickly brought back to the task at hand when I heard Trent call out to me as I was walking towards my bike… “leaving early to prep your bike, huh…?”

From Putnam, we travelled along numerous roads filled with beautiful trees that canopied the road, farm land that had many of the same aromas that we became familiar with in Pennsylvania, and then the weather started to show signs of becoming hostile to our agenda. We took “shelter”at a place called “Friendly’s”. This is not a place that I am familiar with, but one that I know my family would love… Especially my two older sons. When we discovered that the restaurant had free wifi, at least 10-12 devices materialized and began their assault on the restaurants bandwidth. A few ice cream sundaes and floats later, the decision was made to press on a bit further, but to suit up for rain. We encountered approximately 50 miles of actual riding in the rain and then there were pockets of sunshine that began to lull us into a false sense of hope for no more rain.

Our final destination for today was supposed to be Rutland, VT after riding the picturesque Green Mountain National Forest.  We made it to Brattleboro which is approximately 73 miles away.  It is another quaint little town that will be but a blip on our radar as we push out.  Thank to the McIlwain’s for letting my jeans ride through the wash with their load…

Tomorrow’s forecast is not looking much better at this time, but we will see what the morning holds when we depart at 7am.






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