New Orleans to Canada: Day 5 Lancaster PA to Danbury CT

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Date: May 21st, 2013

Departure TIme: 8:50am

Arrival Time: 7:30pm

States Covered: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut

Miles Covered: 298

Today’s weather was another gift from God after the first three rainy days of our adventure. We saw nothing but clear skies and temps from the upper 70’s in the morning to the mid 80’s this afternoon.

We made no stops today for scenic views or photo opportunities as the goal today was to lay rubber in as many states as possible. It is hard to imagine how so many states can be accessed in so few miles, but our trip planner Jon did a masterful job at planing a route that gave us local flavor of each of these states, with the exception of New Jersey; four miles in and four miles out. Randall remarked that “they let you into Jersey for free, but you have to pay to get out!” I almost dropped my bike from laughing so hard…

Our ride out of Pennsylvania was mostly rural farmland and some light industrial byways that yielded a scenic, yet odoriferous experience. Many mushroom farms pepper the landscape, as did roadkill which made us especially aware of the potential hazards of such a rural route. This route took us through Hershey Pennsylvania as well, but did not include a stopover for any chocolate (unfortunately… 😥 )

We grabbed a quick bite to eat in Shamokin, Pennsylvania at a diner that looked like it was ripped right out of the pages of a 50’s memory book called “Palmer’s Dinner.” The food was a terrific alternative to the routine “fast trash food” that you find in chain places… and it gave us a firsthand authentic meal to remember our visit with. The prices were a real bargain, the service was speedy and courteous, the food was served in plentiful portions and served hot. A nice surprise was the fresh-cut, not frozen, french fries. Two thumbs up!

From Pennsylvania, we made a short loop through Maryland and into Delaware where we were treated to some of the best riding thus far on our adventure. One switchback in particular was a topic of conversation for most of the rest of our afternoon. The “suggested” speed through the turn was 15mph. I say “suggested” because apparently I was absent the day that the lesson on posted speed signs through curves was taught. I was informed on this trip that the signs are merely a “recommended but not enforced” speed. (I will have to do a little more research on this topic personally as it just doesn’t sound correct to me, but what does this humble piano guy know about the law?) Regardless, this switchback was very aggressive, and caught everyone by surprise. Some were amused by the lackluster execution of the rider preceding them into the turn only to have as much or more of a challenge with making it through within the lane markers.

Our final destination for the day was to be Hartford CT, however, the radar at our last fuel stop indicated that poor weather was a major threat in the Hartford area. We decided to land in Danbury CT, 57 miles away. It remains unclear as to wether those miles will be added to our agenda for tomorrow. Tomorrow we head north to Vermont to ride in the Green Mountain National Forest. We should also have numerous photo opportunities, something that was not on the agenda for today.

Dinner was at a local eatery called Rizzuto’s. The food was pretty good, the service was ok, but the fellowship and getting to know the other members of our group was the best part of the experience. I am so thankful to have been included in this adventure. You could not ask for a better organized team of folks, with similar interests, a love for the open road, and most of all… our Lord Jesus!



Loaded and ready to ride!


Oh no… Not crapdonalds again…


Much better choice! Thanks guys for keeping the flavor local!








Fourth salmon dinner of the trip… Still trying to top the one at Carrabas in Hickory NC!

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