New Orleans to Canada: Day 4- Woodridge Virginia to Lancaster Pennsylvania Part 2

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Date: May 20th, 2013

Departure TIme: 11:40am

Arrival Time:7:00pm

States Covered: Virginia, (District of Columbia), Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Miles Covered: 254

The Orlando crew arrived at 10:57am and seemed as anxious as we were to get under way. Once the ladies who are following in a chase car arrived, we had a word of prayer for protection and of thanks for the clear sky’s that seemed to lie ahead.

We have now grown to a group of 7 bikes, and in order importance (ha ha…) the are as follows: 3 BMW’s, 2 Harley’s, 1Victory, and 1Yamaha. I was excited to see a Victory in person for the first time. It is somewhat of a blend between the aesthetics of a BMW with it’s smooth lines and contoured fairings, and a Harley with it’s overly exposed power plant. The yamaha has mostly Harley type of lines and features, without the prestige of the Harley brand.

I was delighted to meet Wayne, Jon, and Mark, especially when I saw Wayne’s Hi-Vis jacket! Wayne has recently recovered from a collision with an irresponsible and inattentive SUV driver that injured both him and his wife. Wayne’s jacket made him very easy to follow and his riding style is similar to mine, cautious and deliberate. Mark did a terrific job of navigating us out of the Metro D.C. area where we exited for lunch. We were looking for a Chick-fil-a, but somehow, our bikes wound up at a McDiarrhea. I ordered a salad thinking to myself “how bad can they screw that up…” Well, I shortly received my answer: Wilted lettuce, soft and shriveled cherry tomatoes, and a general example of all of my experiences of their “cuisine.” I threw it away and went to my stash of peanut cliff bars!

I chatted with a very nice fellow that was driving a blue Saab in the parking lot. He approached me with a huge grin on his face and eager to admire my bike. I loved the fact that he didn’t even glance at the Harley that was next to my bike. Our conversation was brief, but he was almost as excited as we were at the notion of such a trip. He examined my bike and asked a lot of questions about my camera array and phone mount. He bid us farewell, and paused in the parking lot to watch our departure.

We seemed to have navigational issues from this point of the day forward, most of which seemed to be related to a hiccup in one of the earlier waypoints in the lead riders Garmin. Riding on toll roads on a motorcycle is a new experience for me. The whole point of it is somewhat of a mystery to me, especially in light of our recent revote that eliminated the only toll booth in the City of New Orleans. Randall had a terrific idea of paying for all of the bikes at once to speed up the process. This was further evidence of his genius as we hit several more toll plazas along the way.

Rolling farmland, blue skies, harbors and back bays were the order of the day. Even with all of our navigational complications, we were still able to accomplished our goal of having a beautiful ride through Virginia, (District of Columbia), Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania.

I only wish we had stopped a few places for photos… Maybe tomorrow.



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