New Orleans to Canada: Day 11 Niagara Falls Ontario- Detroit Michigan- Youngstown Ohio

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Date: May 27th, 2013

Departure TIme: 8:21am

Arrival Time: 7:20pm

States Covered: Ontario, Michigan, Ohio

Miles Covered: 454

Today saw the departure of the ladies that were riding along with us for the past week. This meant that, not only do we no longer have their wonderful company, but we also no longer have the chase vehicle. Since we reached our ultimate destination of Niagara Falls yesterday (for most, for Matt, Trent and I it was Toronto to catch the Blue Jays), this marks the beginning of our journey home.

After the ladies departed, the bikes pulled out in search of fuel and then hit the QEW headed towards Detroit. Matt broke away from our group to head to York, PA to see his folks and will meet up with us later on our route in Gettysburg. Our route today took us in a large loop around Lake Erie, and straight into another round of rain. The trend of encountering rain and then having it follow us for days is one that appears to have returned as the forecast for the next few days is for this front to head in the same direction as the final legs of our trip. We are discussing alternatives to our route to try to get ahead of the front, but we shall see what happens.

This is how we all feel right now after riding in rain 8 out of the past 11 days

This is how we all feel right now after riding in the rain 8 out of the past 11 days.

(Interesting footnote, as of today, if we had taken this route in reverse, we would have had beautiful weather for most of the past two weeks!)

The border crossing in Detroit went very smoothly and we were all in and through in less than 20 minutes. Of course, once we were through, we were greeted by yet another toll booth. $4.75 to get on what is billed as a “freeway”… Hahahahahaha…

The rain was unrelenting and we made the call to cut the route short by 60 miles and bunk down in Youngstown PA. Dinner was at a little mexican restaurant next to the hotel named Salsita’s. The meal was hot and plentiful and was obviously prepared as authentic mexican food should be.

Tomorrow we head to Gettysburg PA and hope to tour the battlegrounds and exhibits, weather permitting. The south looks pretty clear right now and is very tempting to just start heading for home, via West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee’s ample fine riding… But we shall see what tomorrow holds.






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