New Orleans to Canada: Day 10 Rochester NY, Toronto Ontario, Niagara Falls

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Date: May 26th, 2013

Departure TIme: 8:30am

Arrival Time: 7:05pm

States Covered: New York, Ontario, Canada

Miles Covered: 254

Weather conditions: Sunny and 52 on departure

Today was planned to be a short hop ver the border and then a day to visit the falls, however, Matt, Trent and I decided to press a little deeper into Canada to the city of Toronto to take in a Blue Jay’s baseball game. We overnighted in Rochester, NY and make quick work of the remaining miles to the border. After a quick last minute fuel stop, we headed to the border crossing.

Our crossing experience was relatively easy and without incident, but the same cannot be said for the 30 minutes prior to that when we got separated because of the chaotic traffic and unusual road layout heading to the border. my frustration level was so high I almost abandoned the notion of riding to Toronto. However, Matt and I were able to reconnect and our garmin zumo lead us to the right spot.

We briefly stopped at the information center just past the border entry to get a good address for the stadium and to exchange some currency. Our route took us on the QEW (pronounced like cue) which I assume stands for Queensland Express Way. Traffic was fast paced and somewhat reckless at times, and I had to remind Matt that the speed limits were posted in Kph not Mph. Traffic flowed along at a pace of approximately 120kph, or roughly 80mph. The last four miles of our trip was bumper to bumper traffic leading to the stadium. Once we parked and secured the bikes, we hustled over to the ballpark to get tickets.

Our seats were terrific and the game was very enjoyable, until the last play of the game where there were runners at first and third and Kawasaki hit a home run to win the game. Matt, as a die hard Baltimore fan was understandingly disappointed. As we exited the stadium, Matt and I were distracted by a conversation between a few teenage girls that were talking about how wasted they were and how they wanted to go get even more trashed. One girl asked me what kind of bike did I ride and Matt interjected that we ride BMWs and ride up from New Orleans. She started to babble about how cool that was and asked Matt to give her a ride. By this time, the light had turned green for us to walk and there was no sign of Trent anywhere. Matt and I decided our most prudent path forward was to head to the bikes and see if Trent had made it there ahead of us. No such luck. I told Matt to stay with the bikes and I would go back to the stadium and retrace our steps. On my way back, I got a phone call from Trent asking me to help him get back to where we were. Within a few minutes, we were back at the parking lot and having a good laugh about it all.

Getting out of Toronto proved to be as challenging as the street signs are very misleading and not overly clear. At one point, I ended up going down a road that was for electric electric trolly cars. ( ask me how I know that if you dare). After a few more misdirection a from our garmins, we were finally back on the QEW and headed for our final destination of the day, Niagara Falls.

Our friends had already reserved our rooms and offloaded our bags making our check in a breeze. After a quick clean up, we headed out to a very nice dinner at the Canyon Creek steakhouse. I ordered a caesar salad and an 8oz portion of prime rib. It was 40 day aged prime beef and had a very nice flavor and texture. But the highlight of the meal for me was the salad.

We were treated to fireworks after dinner at the falls and a portion of our group decided they wanted to stay and go see the falls one more time, leaving them with over a two mile trek back to the hotel. I opted to head back to get a jump start on my morning.

Tomorrow, we head over to Michigan riding through Canada and entering through Detroit. The weather looks fantastic too!20130527-001215.jpg














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