My Next Adventure… The Ozarks and York, PA-2016

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My beautiful BMW RT ready for the road!

As I type, my preparations are nearly complete and I am beyond excited to embark on my next journey.  This year, we will cover roughly 6,000 miles in 15 days, but we will spend more time in areas that we have merely glanced in our previous trips.  We will spend three days exploring all that the Ozarks have to offer motorcycle enthusiasts in the form of twists and turns and scenic vistas as well as attempt to experience that which makes each locale unique.  Our quest is  to do as few miles on the interstate as possible, but it will be unavoidable at times.


Our basic route this year… except for the leg down into Florida!

Some of our Arkansas destinations will include Hot Springs, Eureka Springs, Mountain Home, and Marble Falls.  Beyond Arkansas, we will visit Sikeston, MO, Mt. Vernon, Slade, KY, York, PA, Waynesboro, VA, Boone and Cherokee, NC and Dahlonega, GA… just to name a few!

The gang from last year…

Once again, I am blessed to be riding with an amazing group of men that are far better riders than I am and that also share the same sense of humor and adventure.  We are all camping lightweights as our idea of roughing it is at the Best Western or Holiday Inn when the A/C is too loud and the free breakfast doesn’t include waffles.  We will start our adventure with 6 riders but will have one less after day 4.  There is also a possibility that our group will separate for a few days in order to facilitate the completion of the 48-State quest for one of us that missed Michigan and Ohio back in 2013.

Hard to pack for two weeks in a bag the size of what is on the rear seat, but that is what I did!

Preparing for this trip seems to have been easier than the last few which I suppose is due in part to the fact that I now have experienced this process a few times and know how to differentiate what is essential and what is unnecessary.  I still can’t shake the feeling that I am forgetting something (last time it failing to have any footwear other than my boots) but we will not be straying so far off the beaten path where whatever that might be can’t easily be procured.

I anticipate creating memories of our adventure that will last the rest of my life and that I will share repeatedly anytime the subject of riding motorcycles comes up in conversation.  As I contemplate the events of the past few months, I feel that the solitude that is part of a journey such as this will be therapeutic and will provide some much needed time of decompression.  The events of the past month in particular have been very taxing and at times simply downright overwhelming.  I am beginning this trip tired, but with a level of expectation that what I am in need of right now will be found out there, somewhere, on the road…

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