Can The Weather Forecasters Ever Get It Right?

Steve Kinchen, Sr/ March 31, 2013/ BMW R1200RT, General Rants & Raves About Riding, Piaggio MP3/ 0 comments

My wife and I have been planing an overnight getaway to Biloxi, Ms for nearly a month. Our schedules have been so busy with the arrival of our precious new baby girl, work related trips for me, extra hours spent on weekends working and many other mundane goings on. I have been watching the weather reports with great interest as this was to be my wife’s triumphant return to riding after a year hiatus due to her pregnancy.

Anyone living in New Orleans knows that the weather the past two weeks has been what we look forward to all year long… Absolutely perfect, especially for outdoor activities like riding. My heart began to sink as I watched the forecasted end of our perfect stretch of glorious weather turn into predictions of total and complete washout.

As of last night, the forecast was different from every source that we checked and we decided to make the final call this morning. We decided to ride.


Although the morning fog telegraphed a potentially bad call, by the time we reached church the sun was out and the sky was clear and beautiful. Nary a drop of rain crossed our path until late this afternoon, AFTER we checked into our hotel. Now don’t get me wrong… It is absolutely pissing rain right now as I type, and the weather reports aren’t looking fantastic for our journey back home, but… the forecasts have been known to be wrong before.






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